5 most anticipated airport cargo capacity expansions

5) Incheon, South Korea — FedEx Cargo Terminal

The wait will be a bit longer for this new project, but FedEx Express said it recently signed an agreement to begin construction of a new cargo terminal at the Incheon International Airport (ICN). Covering more than 23,400 square meters, the new FedEx Cargo Terminal will double the integrator’s current footprint at ICN, and will also include more warehouse, office and canopy space. FedEx also said the new structure – expected to be finished in 2021 – will have an automated cargo-sorting system at the new terminal that will be able to handle up to 18,000 packages per hour. Eun-Mi Chae, managing director of FedEx Express Korea, said in a statement that “FedEx is investing to support the robust demand in Korean imports,” adding that the expansion “will improve our operational capabilities and create greater access to the global market.”

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