Freight 50: Top 50 cargo airlines/groups by FTK

top50_carriers_520x476Through the assistance of Air Cargo World’s sister publication, Cargo Facts, we looked at the IATA data list through a different lens, measuring performance in freight tonne kilometers (FTKs), grouping some airlines by the parent companies to which they belong. So, for this modified version of the Freight 50, we have merged affiliated airlines under their respective groups. Also, for carriers such as DHL, which relies on many other airlines to carrying its express freight, we have made every attempt to include as much of this traffic as possible under the “DHL Express” name. We believe this presents a much more accurate picture of how the cargo carriers should be ranked.


Rank Airline (or Airline Group) Cargo Traffic
(FTKs millions)
 1  Federal Express 16,072
 2  Emirates 11,326
 3  UPS Airlines 10,923
 4  Lufthansa 10,897
 5  Cathay Pacific Group 10,044
 6  Air France-KLM 9,817
 7  Korean Air 8,254
 8  DHL Express 7,850
 9  Cargolux 6,364
 10  Singapore Airlines 6,151

Source: IATA, U.S. DOT, Cargo Facts

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