A peek behind the curtain at Prime Air [VIDEO]

It’s been almost two years since “Amazon One,” the first Prime Air 767 freighter took to the skies for Amazon’s carrier, “Prime Air,” operated on a CMI basis by Air Transport Services Group and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings. Today, Amazon’s freighter network has expanded to a total of 33 aircraft – all the same 767F model. While we have seen plenty about the white, gray and blue livery on the outside of each aircraft and the route network, the inner workings have been about as mysterious as the pre-Charlie Willy Wonka’s factory.

Until yesterday.

Amazon News released a “Golden Ticket” on Thursday in the form video that provides a glimpse of how its Prime Air operations work. Turns out, the online retail giant is not moving palletized cargo but several sizes of ULD containers, packed express-carrier-style with parcels.  As we head into the weekend, please enjoy this video that peels back the curtain. [SPOILER ALERT: There are no Oompa-Loompas to be seen]:


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