Logistics Launchpads: Welcome, Logistics Class of 2016

The startups selected in the accelerator programs under Lufthansa/RocketSpace and EPIcenter represent a range of emerging industry tech sectors, and will have a chance to validate their products through pilot testing with multiple global corporations. The chosen startup firms in both programs are:

(Mar. 23-Aug. 11, in Memphis)

NovoNav – Provides a personal navigation platform that solves the issue of “last 100-foot” navigation in areas that are not mapped.

Roundabout Markets – Brings technology to create a national marketplace for secondhand shops, increasing market exposure and streamlining product marketing and delivery.

iShipdit – Expedia-like platform for matching less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments to unused space that exists on trucks every day.

SILQ – Intelligent system designed to help businesses manage their professional relationships and network.


(June 13-Sept. 9, various locations)

 CargoSteps – Frankfurt, Germany – Offers real-time track-and-trace software that allows different logistics companies of every size to easily work together.

Eurosender – London, U.K. – An online booking engine for international door-to-door shipping service.

Logyc – San Francisco, U.S. – Offers data intelligence-as-aservice.

Newport Trade Services – Newport, Ky., U.S. – Helps manage global trade technology by creating tailored solutions through project management and process controls.

OrderCircle – San Francisco, U.S. – Brings Shopify’s ease of business-to-consumer order acceptance and management to B2B wholesale orders.

OTTO Motors – Ontario, Canada – Provides self-driving vehicles designed exclusively for material transport.

SLiCK – Antwerp, Belgium – Offers a cloud-based “logistics control tower” to manage order collaboration, communication and transport management.

Skuchain – Mountain View, Calif., U.S. – Develops block-chain-based products for business-to-business

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