Top 3 takeaways: Critical points for airports’ cargo infrastructure development

#2: Smart processes and planning

In line with considering the needs of all stakeholders, when planning infrastructure and operations airports need to streamline processes.

While implementing flashy, new technology and building new facilities can be worthwhile, airports may sometimes find they can have just as nice a business running operations out of an older terminal if they approach and execute processes intelligently. This becomes an especially useful tool, given that airports often plan for major infrastructure investments at least 15 to 20 years out, during which time situations may change. It can also be useful for airports with constrictions on space.

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL) said it receives great support from both the Hong Kong and Chinese governments for investment in its facilities, but even so, it was built in 1998 to last with twenty years’ foresight and is now working to deal with space constraints.

To deal with these restrictions, as well as shifts in external markets, HACTL is transitioning to increase its catchment zone in its greater bay area over the next decade through partnerships with other airports and operators.

“We are now looking to develop hub-to-hub cooperation with other airports nearby and abroad to keep cargo in Hong Kong,” said HACTL executive director Vivien Lau.

Read more on HACTL’s recent developments here.

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