Transport firm Labelmaster pairs up with PA2 for safer lithium battery shipping

Two companies are partnering to tackle the ongoing safety risks posed by the transportation of flammable lithium batteries with a line of protective packaging products, called Obexion. Dangerous goods transport firm Labelmaster and Procyon-Alpha Squared (PA2), a technology company with experience in the aerospace field, plan to introduce a range of packaging that uses passive technology to safely transport lithium batteries, the companies announced in a statement.

The Obexion line of products will include products with capabilities ranging from basic fire resistance, to thermal, flame and gas management, all the way up to full ballistic and pressure management, the companies said. This should alleviate risks associated with lithium battery transport by reducing the potential for “thermal runaway,” where an increase in temperature creates a self-reinforcing cycle that creates further temperature increases and can lead to ignition and fire.

Planned packaging options in the line include durable, metal designs for multiple uses and large quantities of lithium batteries, as well as light-weight, fiberboard boxes for single-use and smaller-quantity shipments, the statement said.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a permit authorizing the use of Obexion packaging for the transport of lithium batteries that have been damaged or recalled, the companies said. The line was also well-received during presentations at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) lithium battery annual meeting and the International Civil Aviation Organization’s hazardous goods annual meeting

IATA has called for stricter enforcement of rules surrounding the transport of lithium batteries, but governments have been slow to respond with increased regulations or enforcement. Robert Finn, vice president of marketing and product management at Labelmaster, said its customers are looking for ways “to move lithium batteries from Point A to Point B safely and compliantly,” despite the lack of regulation.

“With the final resolution of the updated regulations and standards perhaps years away, this product provides all segments of industry – airlines, cargo companies, recyclers, manufacturers and retailers – an avenue to be forward-thinking and plan astutely,” Finn added.

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