U-Freight brings e-commerce logistics product to Malaysia

Hong Kong-based logistics firm U-Freight Group is expanding its logistics product for e-commerce startups, launched in Hong Kong in March, to the Malaysian market.

U-Freight will roll out the product, known as e+ Solutions, at its e-commerce fulfillment center in Penang in northwest Malaysia. The Penang facility already has the required hardware for processing and storing orders, as well as software for system integration and data transparency. The e+ Solutions product gives small entrepreneurs real-time inventory updates, web and mobile access for order management and status updates, and live delivery-tracking.

Customers will have access to a “live chat” program for customer service, as well as push notifications on order status.

“When we launched e+ Solutions earlier this year, we said we would be looking to take the model to some of our other distribution centers in markets where small entrepreneurs are using online channels and platforms dedicated to e-commerce, to sell their own designs and products,” said U-Freight CEO Simon Wong in a statement on the rollout.

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