U-Freight Hong Kong warehouse certified for air cargo screening

Caryn Livingston

Hong Kong Airport (HKIA)

Freight forwarder U-Freight Group was certified as a Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF) by Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department (CAD), the forwarder announced yesterday. The facility is located in Hong Kong’s Golden Bear Industrial Center, slightly under 30 kilometers from Hong Kong International Airport (HKG).

Hong Kong’s CAD launched the RACSF program in October 2018 to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization’s policy of implementing security screening for all airfreight shipments by the end of 1H 2021. Hong Kong’s policy is meant to facilitate off-airport security screening to reduce screening demand at HKG’s cargo terminals.

“The establishment of off-airport screening facilities in Hong Kong will enable air cargoes to be screened at the existing warehouses or similar premises of the air cargo industry before such cargoes are transported to the airport for loading onto aircraft,” said U-Freight’s CEO Simon Wong in a statement.

U-Freight’s warehouse has two x-ray machines installed for scanning consignments up to pallet-size. In addition to equipment requirements, RACSF covers criteria including training and supervision of screening personnel and site security and post-screening transportation and handling.

According to a register of accredited RACSFs, 12 facilities in total have been accredited as of Sept. 6.

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