Unisys works with PayCargo for electronic payment integration

Source: Unisys

IT company Unisys Corp. will be working with PayCargo LLC to incorporate an automated payment system into its Digistics cargo software, it announced this week.

With the integration, station personnel at the airports using Digistics will be able to easily check whether fees were paid and allow for faster cargo release, Chief Operating Officer at PayCargo, Juan Dieppa, told Air Cargo World.

The Unisys-PayCargo agreement allows the Digistics software to offer “real-time payment processing capabilities, including automated payment creation and scheduling, as well as tracking for the freight forwarder and importer,” the company said in a statement. It will also enable the software to offer airlines remittance validation.

“It was an enhancement of our functionality coverage,”  Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President and Global Lead of Travel and Transportation at Unisys, told Air Cargo World.

He pointed out that there’s now “real-time payment visibility” and “improved cash flow,” thanks to automated transactions, plus reduced administrative costs and improved customer service. The companies are also looking at ways for Unisys to send invoices and bills to PayCargo so that the payer doesn’t have to add any input to the system, PayCargo’s Dieppa said.  

PayCargo is already available on Digistics as an add-on system that clients can choose to implement. Unisys spent last month evaluating the system to see if it would be compatible with its software and found it “suitable and reliable,” according to Kohli.

The Digistics software, launched in 2017, is a “suite of cloud-based, modular applications” that uses data to allow logistics companies to better track “weather, traffic, arrival times and real-time shipment tracking,” a Unisys spokesperson told Air Cargo World.

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