Update: Lakeland Airport prepares for bids on facilities in Amazon lease agreement

This week, the city government of LakelandFlorida, announced via Twitter that it is moving forward in its plans to rehabilitate an air cargo facility at Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) as part of its major lease agreement with AmazonIn the twitter statement, the government said that the runway rehabilitation project will be ready to open for bids by August. 

City officials approved Amazon’s proposal to invest $100 million into building a 225,000 square foot air cargo facility and seven jet cargo hangars at LAL in late May. 

The deal, inked to last for the next 20 years, leases 110 acres of land from LAL to Amazon, on which the e-commerce giant will develop facilities. Amazon is set to pay $80,000 a month for the property and will have the option to renew the lease three times for ten years apiece, coming to a total of 50 years should Amazon renew the lease all three times.  

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