Viaduct provides direct access to MIA cargo area

A US$63 million viaduct opened yesterday on Monday allowing approximately 5,000 cargo trucks per day to travel directly to and from Miami International Airport’s (MIA) West Cargo Area to avoid local traffic congestion.CnaiCO8WIAAIn84

The new viaduct provides a continuous link for cargo traffic traveling to and from MIA above street lights and local traffic on NW 25th Street, directly connecting westbound cargo traffic to northbound State Road (SR) 826. It also now connects with the previously constructed east viaduct, which goes over the 826 expressway, touching down just east of NW 82nd Ave.

The airport has stressed that MIA’s valuable cargo business warrants the new viaduct. According to the MIA, more than $52 billion in trade came through the airport in 2015. By value, MIA accounted for 93 percent of all the air trade to Florida, and 37 percent when factoring in sea trade.

Nationally, MIA has an even broader influence on the national supply chain, handling more than 66 percent of all the perishable imports to the U.S. In 2015 – a total of $2.7 billion worth of perishables.


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