Yusen Logistics first CEIV-Pharma-certified forwarder at Schiphol

Yusen Logistics Benelux was awarded with IATA’s CEIV-Pharma certification last week, making it the first airfreight forwarder at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to earn the designation. Yusen’s strides are part of a larger collaboration between Schiphol Cargo and Air Cargo Netherlands to become a preferred pharma gateway for Europe.

Etienne Vesseur, deputy general manager of airfreight forwarding for Yusen Logistics Benelux, commented that the certification “underlines Yusen Logistics’ total commitment to safe transportation of high-value temperature and time sensitive shipments of pharmaceuticals.”

In March of this year, Schiphol launched Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA), a community-based cool-chain logistics program for the high-value airfreight product. An important component of the initiative was bringing all links in the transportation chain on board, and the addition of Yusen indicates that the project is moving forward.

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