Tigers Logistics expands Shanghai presence, citing e-commerce boom

With e-commerce giant Alibaba’s logistics network Cainiao continually expanding its network in response to a booming demand for e-commerce, affiliated logistics companies are being pushed to up their game, as well.

Hong Kong-based logistics firm Tigers acquired a two-warehouse site in Shanghai this week that will increase its capacity by 34 percent. Tigers cited growing customer demand from its B2B and B2C customers, as well as its role in domestic fulfillment for Tmall, Alibaba’s online platform for merchants to sell directly to consumers, as the main reasons for the expansion.

The 3,779-square-meter facility will offer sea- and airfreight consolidation services, targeting its automotive, lighting and apparel industry clients.

“Our previous facility was operating at maximum capacity for over a year, leaving us with no space to grow, and limiting our operations,” said regional managing director, Laura Crow.

The company is known for its virtual warehousing products, like “eShop,” a virtual marketplace that connects its shipper customers to the e-commerce market, and “SmartHub: Connect,” an order management platform.


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