PayCargo makes additional filings against CargoSprint in ongoing lawsuits

Two lawsuits, filed by logistics payment platform PayCargo against competitor CargoSprint, are still pending after PayCargo filed an amended complaint in Georgia earlier this month.

The recently amended lawsuit was filed originally in the Northern District of Georgia in July and is related to CargoSprint’s requirement that its customers using SprintPass software also use its SprintPay platform. PayCargo has alleged that the requirement “constitutes an illegal tying system that violates U.S. antitrust laws because it denies consumers a choice in web-based payment platform systems and does not permit PayCargo or other competitors to freely compete,” PayCargo said in a statement released today.

That lawsuit was initially dismissed by the district court for failure to define the relevant marketplace for competition but was refiled this month. PayCargo said the new filing “has more than adequately alleged the relevant marketplace and…will succeed on the merits.”

PayCargo also has a pending suit in the Southern District of Florida related to what it termed CargoSprint’s “persistent use” of that company’s former name, PayAirCargo, despite PayCargo’s trademark and CargoSprint’s “prior contractual agreement to cease all use of the PayAirCargo name.” Since that suit was filed, PayCargo said it has recently moved to enjoin CargoSprint from continued use of the name, to freeze CargoSprint’s assets connected to the name and to seize any future assets generated from use of the name.

Neither company has yet responded to a request for additional comment on the pending lawsuits.

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